The human mind is capable of being generous or selfish, kind or cruel, gracious or mean. Invariably what reaches us in this digital information age are the negative stories that highlight only the dark side of humanity. This leads to a defeat of our spirit and joy. 
At Sharon Plywoods, we decided to celebrate the inherent strength of the human spirit as we feel that when the mind decides to conquer something, there is nothing that is impossible. This strength that we have within us needs to be recognized, celebrated, highlighted and embraced.
The idea behind this #iamstrongest initiative is to bring you stories of grit and determination, courage and valour, empathy and selflessness that exemplify the human potential for goodness and greatness.
Be inspired and inspire others. Join the movement by sharing with us your stories at

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sharon Plywoods is a highly socially conscious company that believes in equal partnership of corporates and citizens in building a responsible and vibrant society. Sharon Plywoods has undertaken several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects.  

  • Sharon Plywoods distributed almost 50,000 tree sapling free of cost across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka as an initiative to make a better world for tomorrow.
  • Plastic pollution is at unprecedented levels in our environment today thanks to humankind’s indiscriminate use of the material. Marine life and land animals are directly affected by plastic trash while we suffer unmanageable floods in cities with discarded plastic clogging our waterways and drains. Sharon Plywoods is committed to the cause of doing away with Single-Use Plastic.
    • Sharon Plywoods distributed *Plastic-Free School Bag Kits to 1650 students of Madanlal Khemani Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Gummidipoondi on Vijayadasami day in October 2018. This was a small step to encourage and inculcate in the young minds, the habit of choosing non-plastic items in their everyday lives.
    • Sharon Plywoods distributed Plastic-Free Shopping Bags to nearly 6000 passengers at the Kamaraj Domestic Terminal, Chennai Airport, on Nov 4, 2018. This was to provide an alternative to single-use shopping bags to the passengers who took the pledge #ISayNoToPlastic with us.
    • Sharon Plywoods conducted a “One Idea to Beat Plastic Pollution” contest on Social Media. The winners were gives cash awards for giving us practical and useful ideas to reduce/ eliminate plastic use.
    • Sharon Plywoods has been distributing paper bags at the entrance to the Aringnar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur, for the past several years. Thousands of such bags have been distributed over the years and this has had a visible impact on the cleanliness of the zoo.